The Amazing Scott; making magic & Balloons since 2000


As a young child, Scott remembers seeing David Copperfield perform on t.v. being convinced then and there that magic really was out there. That day when he first checked out his first magic and balloon book over 25 years ago , Scott knew he was instantly hooked. What he began has turned into a lifetime pursuit; finding ways to take the mundane and imbue it with magic.

25 years later, that magic is still alive and thriving within Scott. Chasing down his dream has led him to many an international balloon convention, to become both a Certified Balloon Artist (CBA: having extensive training in professional balloon artistry) and a Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN) member, and to become the winner of multiple international awards for balloon twisting including being the leader of Team U.S.A..





Scott started doing balloons when he was 12. After seeing David Copperfield on tv, he was convinced there was real magic out there, and he was determined to learn how to do it! The next day at school, scott checked out his first book on magic that had balloons in the back. He was instantly hooked.

Fast-forward 25 years and now I’m a Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) with extensive training in professional balloon artistry, a member of the Qualatex Balloon Network (QBN), a participant at many international balloon conventions, and a winner of multiple international awards for balloon twisting. What started as a simple hobby has turned into my life’s passion!

2 international awards



began his magic & balloon career in Minneapolis in 2000, doing clowning and costume characters for an entertainment company. Soon he was also managing The Mall Of America's magic shop where he spent 3 years honing his skills as a close-up magician.

In 2006, The Amazing Scott was recruited by Valleyfair, Minnesota's premiere theme park. The Soul Collector was born. Scott becomes a voodo witch doctor using magic, theatrics and fire performance. The Soul Collector show has been entertaining audiences for nine years on the walkways and stage during Valleyfair's Halloween Haunt! During these nine years Scott has developed the show, creating new features and keeping it fresh and new.

In 2007 The Amazing Scott joined The Secret Circus, a circus based fire show, bringing the element of magic to the flame as a 'wizard.' The Ring master was born, performing dozens of shows throughout Minnesota.

In 2008, Scott formed a collaborative effort with associate performers and created Stuck in a trunk, a comedy magic show titled We sell out! Having collaborated on so many different types of shows, using a small army of very talented performers, Scott has gained much experience tailoring any performance to meet any venue. Fire performers, stilt walkers, belly dancers, jugglers, aerialists, clowns, balloon artists, artists, princess's, face painters, body balancers, musicians, magicians and ninjas, they represent the Twin Cities finest!